Stop Sucking It In

When I was younger, earliest I could remember was 10 years old, I was a chunky kid. Every time I went to the pediatrician, I was overweight for my age, height, and stature. I felt like every other kid. Who cared if I was a bit fluffy? Back to being 10. I was in the dining room of an older woman’s home and there were other older women there too. Loving as their intentions were, they were rather unproductive. They lined all us fluffy girls up, (I was at a family member’s house y’all– and the other fluffies were my cousins, lol), told us to suck it in, breathe, drop our shoulders, and walk across the room. We looked so silly and mechanic. But, after a few trots across the dining room, we received their approval and from that day forward I’ve been sucking it in, breathing, dropping my shoulders, and walking across the room.

The point of that tender tale you may ask? The point is, instead of encouraging us to change our eating habits, encouraging physical activity, and leading by example, we were taught to suck it in. We continued to grow into broad and unhealthy habits, while trying to walk through narrow spaces. All we really needed to do, was drop the weight.

I don’t share this to condemn the well-meaning loved ones in my family, but to paint a picture to where Holy Spirit encouraged me in this evening. I was struggling mentally due to a few things going on in my life (far beyond the global pandemic and solitude of my three-bedroom apartment). Stress was mounting and I was fighting to not go down the rabbit trail of stinking thinking and picking up old habits that offered a quick fix but were unprofitable (Jesus delivered me from said habits, but staying free is a choice that needs to be decided daily). Stinking thinking mounted and I went down the rabbit hole, but thankfully, remembering the heart of my God, which I didn’t want to break, led me to crying out all the overwhelm, frustration, and angst with Him– I’m talking full on (respectful– I mean come on, I’m talking to Almighty God) hissy fit. When I collected myself and repented for my short-sighted decision and tantrum, I went to get some food. I took my Bible with me, because as good as this restaurant is, they are notorious for taking forever with your order. I’m in the car in the parking lot of said restaurant, and I thumb through my Bible until I found a highlight. “Enter through the narrow gate.” Matthew 7:13a

I read the rest of the passage, but my heart kept coming back to those first five words, “Enter through the narrow gate.” How was I going to get out of the place I felt stuck in? “Enter through the narrow gate.” I took a pen and circled each word slowly.


To enter a place, means to exit another. “Where am I exiting?” This question came to my mind and I paused to think about it. There are places that even in all my saved-ness, I’ve been in and am in that I need to exit, so I can follow God’s instructions to “Enter.” Some of these places are or have been: comparison (thinking I’m far behind and discounting and essentially disrespecting the destiny God has for me), lust (wanting something desperately that God was not giving or was not permitting in the current season, which was distracting me from Jesus), and false humility (playing small when you know God called you higher, and being fake humble about it), just to name a few. I needed to exit, and quick before I was harmed or caused harm. What places is God calling you to exit so you can enter where He’s drawing you?


The definition of “‘through” according to Google is: moving in one side and out of the other side of (an opening, channel, or location). This is not “over,” which means you are rising above something. It also is not “under,” which denotes you are bypassing by lowering underneath something. It is not “around” as to miss it; it is “through.” I am the QUEEN of not wanting to suffer. Chile, if I don’t have to, I sure ain’t volunteering! But, with this voyage to life in Christ, I not only have to exit somewhere, but enter through to a new place. There is no avoiding this one. What have you been avoiding going through thats hampering you being obedient to God?


This one is short. “The,” meaning one in this case; distinct. I know folks have said that there are many paths to the same destination; God, but in this case, nope, just one, Jesus Christ, “the.” Are you distracted with many other paths, rather than the path of righteousness?


Narrow according to Google dictionary, narrow means, “of small width.” Another word used is “strait,” which means: of a place of limited spatial capacity; narrow or cramped; close, strict, or rigorous. Remember that path of righteousness I just asked about? It is not crowded. The path at times is rigorous and difficult. It is not for the faint at heart. It is for the ones that are willing to drop the dead weight and stop sucking it in. It is for the people willing to let it out, breathe, drop your shoulders and walk with Jesus. It is for the ones willing to change their heart-sets, mindsets, and behaviors. It is not for the perfect, but for the submitted; the committed. You can’t fit un-forgiveness, pride, lust, idolatry, selfish ambition, let’s sum it up with SIN, in when you “Enter through the narrow…” It simply won’t work. Does this mean God is mean for not letting some in? No, it means that all have the opportunity to walk this way but few choose to. But let me let you in on a little secret, on the other side of rigor is reward.


A gate is a barrier. It keeps things out and keeps other things in. It protects, holds, and surrounds. It automatically tells me that on the other side of this is something that is not on the side I am leaving. God is inviting us through The Gate that leads to life. It is not a life like we know it; full of fear and evil. It is a life of rest and fellowship with Father God. The beauty of it is, we can experience life now! This life is found in Christ! When I step into life with Him, I am leaving a life of sin and brokenness behind. That’s a life I want!


“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

Matthew 7:13-14

Let’s find it. God has given us the gift of Holy Spirt for all who call on the name of Jesus Christ to be saved. One of Holy Spirit’s functions is to “lead and guide us into all truth.” John 16:13. Stop sucking it in. Change the habits with Holy Spirit’s help. Forgive through Holy Spirit’s help. Drop the sin and weight that so easily besets you, through help of Holy Spirit. Then, “Enter through the narrow gate.”

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