Craving another Nugget

This morning I was listening to an encouragement from a sister in Christ who had a dream to tour America spreading the love of Christ in whatever way God deemed her to do it, for nearly two decades! This dream sat, and she faithfully prayed and acted for years, and finally NOW, in 2020, the vision is coming to pass!

I began to think of the God-sized vision in my heart that I cannot accomplish with my own hands that God opened up to me in 2011. I remember the small strides I made in it in 2009 and 2010 before I fully knew this was a God-planted desire. Honestly, I couldn’t even put words to what it was until 2011 in a Resident Assistant training exercise we did at Haley Hall at Bowie State University.

Holy Spirit went on to encourage me with a scripture I am all too familiar with:

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Habakkuk 2:3 KJV

All the while I was encouraged by the passage, I was stuck for a moment. “Though it tarry… it will not tarry.” It appeared that it was saying that the vision was going to tarry (to be tardy in action; to delay; to linger; to wait) but that it would not tarry. Sounds confusing right? But then Holy Spirit was revealing to my heart, my way versus God’s way, my thoughts versus God’s thoughts, and more so, my timing versus God’s timing. Holy Spirit was explaining to me that that the first tarry was my tarry. It is the timing when I think God is supposed to act and when I think a vision is supposed to come to pass. The second tarry reveals the truth that, in God’s timing, and when God says the vision is supposed to happen, there is no delay.

Be encouraged today that God is not late and is not slow to His promises. We just have to wait. For this sister it was 20 years later and the timing ended up being perfect! The world was in desperate need for the way God chose to use her and it is now being well received! God is setting up a circumstance for the vision HE gave you to come to pass! He is laying the framework for the perfect timing and when the time is right, the people that need it will receive it. His timing is PERFECT! SURELY it will come to pass!

Join me in waiting well and acting faithfully during the wait, so when God says go, we go forward with Him fearlessly and quickly!

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Hi there! I am am a woman passionate about Jesus Christ! I like to encourage people everywhere I go and I am finally exploring my identity as a writer! I like to grab my favorite warm beverage, head to a quite space and recharge with God. Join me!

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