Story time: Kat, Geri, & Pat

Wow, this is weird putting it out here like this, but, I do not celebrate holidays. Mother’s Day is a holiday, thus, I do not celebrate it.

The Bible says to “honor thy mother and father so that your days may be long upon the earth. This is the first commandment with a promise.” Honor is different to different people. Honor is not just words or a salute from a soldier. Honor is more than men taking off their hats in a building and women wearing long skirts in church. Honor, in my opinion is a heart posture.

I acknowledge that God selected Kat, my mom, to bring me (with 50% of the help of my dad) into this earth. For that my words and actions toward her are kind, filled with gratitude, and life-giving. Some folks, the only thing your mother did right was getting you here, birthing you. That is more reason than any to be kind, gracious, and speak life-giving words to and of your mother; she got you here.

Fortunately and to the Glory of God, my mother not only got me here, but raised me. She taught me how to be kind to everyone, even the most seemingly unloveable person in the room. She taught me how to smile. She taught me how to talk to God as early as I could remember at three years old. She recounts that I asked her, “Mommy, why is the sky blue?” She responded, “Go ask God.” She then said that I went up to my room for a very long time. She said that at times she could hear me talking and laughing. After a while, I skipped back into the kitchen playing with a doll and asking for a snack (so accurate). She looked at me with her head tilted and asked, “Well, did God tell you why the sky was blue?” She said I told her yes and gave some profound answer and then skipped away eating my snack while she stood stunned that I’d really gone to talk to God. For that, I say mommy, “Thank you for teaching me at three one of the most valuable lessons of my life, to pray always.”

My mother and grandmother (Geri), raised me in the church. My grandmother was my Sunday School teacher and NO, I was not the teacher’s pet! My grandmother was equal with everyone! One thing my grandmother taught me was to read the Word of God. She gave me foundation in scriptures and I fell in LOVE with reading the Bible. God grew my understanding as appropriate and is still doing so today! When I was in college, I wanted to have a Bible study in my dorm. I asked my grandma what I should do, and she sent me some old Sunday School books. As elementary as they could have been perceived to be, they worked with my teenage friends! We learned about Noah, and all the Bible characters, and girl, I felt like my grandma! I was a Sunday School teacher. My friends were receiving a word from God each week. And through much prayer that year, my freshman year, each of the girls in my hall, especially the ones who came to Bible study, gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Funny thing is, it always happened the weekends I went home to visit. I know that was God humbling me and causing me to remember who truly saves and who simply plants and waters the seed. Thank you Lord :). And so, to my grandma Geri, I say, “Thanks gram for giving me a foundation in scripture that has carried and cultivated a love that I still have burning today for Jesus. You laid a solid foundation and for that, I fill my words and actions toward you with grace, life, obedience, and love as unto the Lord.”

My mom spoke a word in my life as a child and it has not changed. It spoke in every season of life and still speaks to this day. “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and an expected end.” -Jeremiah 29:11. My mom spoke that verse over me so much and in each season it has pulled me off of cliffs of despair, depression, self harm, and the list goes on. It reminds me that I am not forgotten and I have always and am always on the mind of God. Mommy, “Thank you for planting a seed and patiently watering it and watching for it to grow. I love you and respect you for giving me the gift of the Word.

Almost lastly, I remember the day I gave my life to Christ. I was in a small storefront church, October 31, 1999. I felt a pull deep in my spirit that made me stand up with tear filled eyes and drew me to the altar. I was met by my pastor, Pastor Gray, and with tears in his eyes, he shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me. He crouched down, looked me in my eyes, and said, “He talks to you doesn’t he? You can hear his voice can’t you?” With tear filled eyes and shaky lips I said and shook my head “yes.” He looked at my mom, who also had tears in her eyes and asked her, “Mom, is she ready?” She said, “Yes.” I went on to pray and make Jesus my Lord and Savior. A short time later I was baptized and filled with His Holy Spirit. Mom, that was by far one of the most important “Yes” you have ever given and it was unto my spiritual benefit and my eternal security. Thank you. For this I say that you are blessed and valued above all women!

Lastly, my resting mother, Granny Pat. She was the funniest woman I’ve met to date! Hugs were few, but when she hugged you, you know she did. Kisses were few, but when she kissed you, you know she did. Laughs and quick wit flowed in abundance! My first belly aching laugh came from her! I’m talking doubled over!! The years we spent being 10 years old and younger to get the kids price at Old Country Buffet will never be forgotten LOL! The purse collection I started from all the purses she got me from Fashion Bug will always be remembered. The way she used to rip into us then be all sweet on the phone when Ms. Mickey or Ms. Ethel called will never be forgotten LOL. And the songs. The songs were far few and in between but when she sang, you know she sang. She had a melodious and beautiful soprano/alto (more soprano) voice. I loved it and always admired when she sang in front of me. I miss her and wish we had more time together. And I’ve finally forgiven her for taking her potato salad recipe to the grave (but hey, she was a woman of her word, lol).

To my mother and grandmothers, I honor you in word and action as unto the Lord and to his glory. Thank you for learning how to love me and when to ease up. Thank you for respecting who God is making me to become even when it makes you scratch your head sometimes. Thank you for what you taught me and what you’re yet teaching me. Thank you for not condemning me when I obey God even when you don’t understand my leaps. Thank you for supporting every God-breathed thing I put my hands to. And thank you for introducing me to Jesus Christ, a lasting impression that has changed my life forever. I love you all and pray the blessings of the Lord make you rich and add no sorrow with them.

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