Yesterday I was talking to my faith-on-full Elizabeth and, while I’ve always known her study style, it highlighted for me yesterday. My Elizabeth is bullet-proof.

This woman of God has a way of taking the complexities of God and breaking them down in to bite-sized, nourishing pieces for anyone to digest. How may you ask? By:

– making bullets,

– meditating on the highlights— making them BIG in her heart then rehearsing the highlights of God’s goodness until an impression has been made and solidified about God’s character in her heart—- truth is formed,

– using them— application or action paired with what she believes,

– then sharing results so others can be encouraged to try truth as well!

I was getting stirred up in my heart on this study, or shall I say intimacy tip to take my relationship with God to the next level! And then, boom, I saw a fiery dart get launched , “I over think every…” WHOP! Up goes my shield of faith! “Be still [don’t let your mind move from this point; don’t let you talk you out of taking action toward trying a new habit; settle down] and know [have established or fixed in the mind or memory; understand from experience or attainment] that I am GOD.” Psalm 46:10 [emphasis added by me and the dictionary].

Girl, I had to fight to preserve the Pearl I was getting. I had to bulletproof my bullet! Bullets open up opportunities for conversation! I’m learning to capture highlights and talk through them with God. Even if I’ve heard it before, I may not have heard it in the way and built on the understanding I have, the way God wants to dole it out now.

Details are beautiful! But… let God pack the details into the bullets that are highlighted in your heart. Let the bullets give you something to talk about. Just off of Psalms 46:10, you can ask, “what does it mean to be still?” “Lord, what is an example of beneficial stillness in the Bible?” “What does it mean to know?” “What do I know about you God?” “What have you said about yourself that I have taken to heart?”

You get it! So go forward sis! Make your bullets bulletproof! Invite and enjoy God giving you details and learning about his character! And please, share the results!

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Hi there! I am am a woman passionate about Jesus Christ! I like to encourage people everywhere I go and I am finally exploring my identity as a writer! I like to grab my favorite warm beverage, head to a quite space and recharge with God. Join me!

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