Remember Joseph

Joseph went through what I call the “against all odds,” to experience the things God said He would have. Have you been there? You know that God has planted something in your heart and you actually believe it is going to happen, then the odds start stacking against you? I have! But something about remembering Joseph gives perspective to the season…

Joesph was the 11th son of Jacob and the 1st of Rachel, the wife that Jacob loved and worked 14 years to have. Jacob had sons, but none like his miracle baby Joseph. Rachel was barren, but his love for her was undying and strong. So, when Joseph was born, Jacob treated Joseph like the gift of God that he was. Joseph didn’t have laborious work. He studied, learned languages, learned the word. He was in the position to hear from God, and that he did. Joseph was a dreamer. God had gave him two dreams that were BIG clues to his destiny.

Joseph had 10 older brothers. They couldn’t stand him because they all knew that he was their father’s favorite. They had to work in the field and herding sheep while he would just check on them and learn. Their jealousy peaked when Joseph told them his dreams about what sounded like to them, that they would one day bow down to Joseph. They plotted against him and Josephs like took an unexpected turn:

  • They faked his death
  • Sold him into slavery
  • He ended up a slave in a rich ruler’s house
  • The rich ruler’s wife lied and said Joseph was trying to lay with her
  • He ended up in prison

You can see that things were not very peachy when it came to Joseph’s life, and innocent dreamer turned slave. One thing that did not change however was the favor of God on Joseph. While he was sold into slavery, he did land in the house of a rich ruler who saw his value and skill, skill that far exceeds that of the Egyptians that were around him, and he was trusted and taken care of amidst being a slave. Even when he was lied on and thrown into prison, he was faithful and made head over the other prisoners. He even exercised his gift of interpreting dreams. Get this, the guy he helped out of prison forgot to put a good word in for him for two years! Imagine the feeling!

Crisis hit the pharaoh and none of his wise guys and dream interpreters could tell him what his dreams meant. The cupbearer who Joseph helped out FINALLY remembered him and Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. This landed Joseph in the place of his dreams… second in command to Pharaoh. Once what he interpreted from Pharaoh’s dreams happened, his dreams came true. His family came to him for food during famine and he was able to:

  1. Preserve his family
  2. Preserve Israel’s remnant


In all of this, what the enemy meant for evil, God turned for good. Like you, I have ha dreams and glimpses of what God wants to do in my life, and I have found myself enduring everything BUT what I heard God said or have seen in my dreams. It hurts and creates a sinking feeling… until we change our perspective. I heard a preacher say that yes, Joseph was in prison, but he was in the kings prison, being faithful under the throne that he would soon sit on. I am encouraging myself and encouraging you to BE FAITHFUL. No matter what it looks like, no matter how long it is taking, BE FAITHFUL. the dream will come to pass, and the end result? The end result will be that you preserve your family, and your people. God loves us from the pit, to the palace; the palace to the prison; and the prison to the place of honor. Be faithful and do not complaint. We shall reap if we faint not.

More on Joseph’s story can be found in Genesis 37-50.

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