From: God To: The Rich Man, Sick Man

Hello My Beloved,

You have access to the cool waters of refreshment. You have access to the hot waters of healing. However, instead of choosing one or the other and going the distance with Me to reach refreshment and healing, lazily and prideful with your wealth you draw from me without drawing to me. Instead of being to the world refreshment and healing, you are becoming sickness to them; throwing wealth and insufficient remedy around instead of administering Me (Refreshment and Healing). Your man-made efforts for what only I can give leaves you with a lukewarm product, not fit to consume. Even I will spit it out of My mouth. Your man-made efforts of obtaining only what I can give, leave you and others sick.

Your ways of seeing, leaves you blind. The impurity of your garments causes them to fray and leave you naked. Your eyes need healing, that’s your perspective. Your garments need cleansing, that’s your behaviors. Beloved, your wealth and resources are making you as sick as the deception of lukewarm water refreshing thirst.

Do you want to be rich? Gold tried by fire is a heart purified by Me, that I remove all impurities from. It is true wealth. Do you want right perspective? Stop washing yourself (that’s the first step, Peter), and apply the balm of my word. It is like a salve that when you obey it, will cause you to see everything clearly. You trying to wash your perspective with your worldly gain and knowledge will leave you blind to Me and far from me. Do you want the shame of your nakedness to disappear? Clothe yourself in the white raiment of my righteousness beloved. Only I can cover your shame and need. Look at where your efforts got you… deceived!

I am correcting you because I love you and I do not want to be separate from you. But I will separate from you if you continue to think and respond as though you can buy and outsource your way out of authentic intimacy and relationship with me. I only correct them who I love. Use your energies to be moved about your correction and repent!

I am knocking on the door of your heart. Yes, I came close to you. Yes, I came into your mess, your self-sufficiency, your self-dependence, and wrecked shop, rightly aligned, and now if you open the door to me, we will rest and eat together. I will show you how to eat (take in) and digest (process and apply) My word to you. I will come in.

Overcome you, and I will allow you to sit with me in my throne, just like I overcame myself and sit at my Father’s throne. You see, I too was rich. I humbled myself to become a man, was stripped, and saw the decrepit state of this dying world. I was tried by the ultimate fire and came out gold. I can relate to being high and in love being called low. My worth didn’t diminish, it was glorified in God. You do not have to have it all together. You do not have to save face so others can see your wealth and competence and notoriety. Draw near to refreshing if you need refreshing. Draw near to healing if you need healing. You have access, but do you recognize your need? You have access, but will you depend on you to get it, or me? He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

Revelation 2:7,11,17,29, 3:6,13,22

Matthew 11:15, 13:9-16

Mark 4:9, 23

Love, Abba Father

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Hi there! I am am a woman passionate about Jesus Christ! I like to encourage people everywhere I go and I am finally exploring my identity as a writer! I like to grab my favorite warm beverage, head to a quite space and recharge with God. Join me!

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