From: God To: The One with the Yeast Infection

My Beloved,

You love to eat. You love the taste of food. But your taste buds have been deceived. You are enjoying the bread that does not give life but takes it away. You are consuming the bread that you have worked for, instead of what is being freely given. You are enjoying the bread that takes your energy and leaves you ready to sleep; it slows you down. You have been eating the yeast rolls of the bread of the Pharisees and you my beloved, have a yeast infection.

It is similar to seed that falls on thorny ground. The yeast infected heart is a heart that wants to hear and is excited when it does, but because of what it takes in, it is filled with half-truths, which are lies, and it drains them, and creates cares of life that choke out the truth that you receive. You need a yeast free life. That comes from submitting to a yeast-free bread.

First, your taste buds must change. The words of affirmation, and the ones you seek them from must change. Your source of fulfillment and direction must change. The comparison to the world and even the believers must change. Your heart must transition from comparison causing condemnation and stagnancy to sight of the works of righteousness by the children of righteousness and being compelled to do righteously and reap the results of the yeast-free life.

My Son says in John 6:35, Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Are you hungry for True Bread? True Bread is sealed by My approval—it is authentic and owned by Me. You know True Bread because when you eat it, it gives you energy to DO the things I am calling you to do. It is enough, it lasts, and it fills you. True Bread makes you come alive. If you eat it, you come back for more because it fuels you better than a cup of coffee. True Bread sustains you.

To be sustained is to be girded up and stabilized. When you are sustained, you are not rocked to your core when pressures arise. True Bread has a smell that draws you to leave what you thought you know to follow what is true. When you taste the Bread of Heaven, you will never want to bread of the Pharisees ever again. Why? Because you will never hunger again.

If you want that, it is available to you today. Just come. When you come nearer, I draw nearer. It is a promise in my word. “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” (James 4:8)

True Bread washes and purifies you. It removes all barriers that causes you not to come. So, come. If it does not look like Jesus, smell, like Jesus, feel like Jesus, taste like Jesus, or sound like Jesus, it is because it is not Jesus. Don’t let works, the yeast of the lost slip you up, thinking of all the prerequisites to a holy life. Come to Jesus, intimacy, just loving, obeying, and doing what He says over and over again, be what you feed on. It will fill you.

Love, Abba Father

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Hi there! I am am a woman passionate about Jesus Christ! I like to encourage people everywhere I go and I am finally exploring my identity as a writer! I like to grab my favorite warm beverage, head to a quite space and recharge with God. Join me!

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